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LGBTQ+ Workplace Alliance

Key Workplace Alliance Events for 2024

  • JULY 10
    Virtual Lunch & Learn: Tools for Increasing B/ERG Engagement
  • AUGUST 29
    Workplace Alliance Happy Hour    
    Workplace Alliance Summit
  • OCTOBER 24
    LGBTQ+ History Month Event
    B/ERG Leadership Roundtable hosted by Shell USA
    Virtual Lunch & Learn: Advancing Inclusion through Social Advocacy 
    Holiday Food & Supply Drive
    Holiday Celebration

Impact Partners can regularly engage in other Chamber programming and events throughout the year.  Visit the Chamber’s Events Calendar for even more exciting events each month.

The LGBTQ+ Workplace Alliance was developed exclusively for Chamber Impact Partners to facilitate engagement and learning between LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders and others who are a part of their companies' diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives. Participation in the LGBTQ+ Workplace Alliance is open to any LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, Business Resource Group (BRG), or Affinity group at any private and public sector company that is currently a Greater Houston LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce Impact Partner or other collaboration chamber in the Texas LGBTQ Chambers of Commerce coalition that is in good standing.


How Does the Chamber Support Impact Partners?

The Alliance supports our Impact Partners that are committed to LGBTQ+ inclusion/DEI goals through intentional collaboration. The Chamber is in a unique position to offer connection, expertise, and resources to help companies with their LGBTQ+ inclusion journey.  The Chamber helps support LGBTQ+ B/ERGs at private and public sector companies throughout the Greater Houston region and beyond and serves as a catalyst and convener to support LGBTQ+ and Allied employees and help them connect, share and ultimately thrive. The Alliance program supports the Chamber’s mission and goals to:

  • Create a network of B/ERGs to support and connect with the LGBTQ+ community across the city, region and state
  • Build a more diverse business community through workforce engagement and attracting and retaining the best possible LGBTQ+ talent in the region
  • Lift up LGBTQ+-owned businesses by connecting them to B/ERG groups & Supplier Diversity programs to create economic opportunities for member businesses

What does the Workplace Alliance Offer Impact Partners?

  • Support for LGBTQ+ B/ERGs by cultivating growth through best practices sharing, collective learning and networking opportunities to help build inclusive and welcoming work environments.
  • Connection to executives, HR and DEI professionals, and LGBTQ+ B/ERG Leaders within Chamber Impact Partners locally, regionally and across the state to create opportunities for them to learn, grow and thrive.
  • Access to high-quality learning opportunities for companies to move beyond “checking off boxes” through their LGBTQ+ ERGs/BRGs and workplace inclusion initiatives.
  • A deeper connection to the LGBTQ+ community at the local, regional and statewide level to engage beyond the “four walls” of the company/organization.
Workplace Alliance Spheres - 1.24.24

Programming & Events

Impact Impact Partners will have an opportunity to engage through the LGBTQ+ Workplace Alliance throughout the year. Examples of events include:

  • Annual regional LGBTQ+ Workplace Alliance Summit
  • Virtual and in-person learning opportunities with top-notch LGBTQ+ inclusion experts
  • Executive Sponsor Engagement
  • In-person networking events including the annual LGBTQ+ Workplace Alliance reception and Executive Sponsor reception
  • LGBTQ+ community engagement events and service opportunities


A few examples of learning opportunities include:

  • Starting an B/ERG
  • Best practices for B/ERG
  • Working with the C-Suite for Your B/ERG
  • HRC CEI: Getting to 100
  • Ally Engagement
  • Supporting Trans Employees in the Workplace
  • Engaging your B/ERG with the LGBTQ+ community
  • Belonging in the Workplace

The number of employees eligible to participate is based on Impact Partnership level.  For existing Impact Partners, additional employees can be added for a nominal fee or by an increase in the Impact Partner level. See the Greater Houston LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce Impact Partner Benefits Guide for more details.  Please contact the Chamber Office for more details.

LGBTQ+ Workplace Alliance Council

The LGBTQ+ Workplace Alliance Council helps raise the visibility for the LGBTQ+ Workplace Alliance Program and makes recommendations to Chamber team members for impactful events, programs, awards, and other activities that bring value for Chamber Impact Partners and generate support for the program.

Meet the Council Members >

Sponsor the LGBTQ+ Workplace Alliance Program

Impact Partners have the opportunity to sponsor the LGBTQ+ Workplace Alliance Program and various events throughout the year.


<strong>Ryan C. Wilson<br> 
Director of Corporate Relations</strong>
Ryan C. Wilson
Director of Corporate Relations

The Chamber is excited to bring special focus to our Workplace Alliance Program this year. Our Director of Corporate Relations, Ryan Wilson, is here to help support your company with additional learning and engagement opportunities. If you are a Chamber Impact Partner with ERG/BRG groups, you  are eligible to join the Workplace Alliance and participate in all the exciting programming we have planned.  Ryan is ready to schedule a conversation with you about how to maximize your Chamber membership.