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Arts, culture and the creative economy are a key part of Houston’s vibrancy, livability and economic landscape.  According to the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 national impact study, the nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $1.12 billion in annual economic activity in the greater Houston region—supporting 25,817 full-time equivalent jobs and generating $119.3 million in local and state government revenues.


Considering the results that reflect that the nonprofit arts and culture industry in the greater Houston region spent almost $600 million during fiscal year 2015, the arts is not only “good business” but good for Houston and our economy.  And, not only good, but the arts is a key part of the regional economy.


Through the Chamber’s Arts + Business Initiative, we are committed to collaboration and exchange with arts and culture organizations to highlight the intersection of Arts + Business between the creative and LGBTQ+ and Allied Business Community.  We partner with Chamber members in the arts and culture industry to bring awareness of their important work and contributions to the greater Houston region.