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LGBT Business Certification (LGBTBE®)

The Chamber conducts periodic education events on the benefits of LGBTBE certification.

​Become LGBTBE® Certified!

The Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce is proud to partner with the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) on the LGBT Business Enterprise certification program. Become a member of the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber and your application fee is waived.  Membership is local and certification is national!

The NGLCC is the nation's only third-party certification body that verifies that eligible businesses are majority-owned by LGBT individuals, and subsequently grants LGBT Business Enterprise® (LGBTBE®) designation to such businesses as part of its LGBT Supplier Diversity Initiative.

Why Should I Get Certified?

By becoming a certified LGBTBE®, business owners are able to build relationships with America’s leading corporations, generate prospective business and clients, and collectively team with each other for contracting opportunities.

Certified LGBTBE's are routinely sought after by NGLCC Corporate Partners and Chamber Corporate Partners who are looking to increase their purchasing within diverse communities. Does your business meet the following criteria?

  • Majority owned (at least 51%), operated, managed, and controlled by an LGBT person or persons who are either U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents
  • Exercises independence from any non-LGBT business enterprise
  • Has its principal place of business (or headquarters) in the United States
  • Has been formed as a legal entity in the United States

Have questions about the LGBTBE® certification? Learn more at and visit the NGLCC’s Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the NGLCC at 202-234-9181.

As an LGBTBE®, you'll have access to the full NGLCC network, which features more than 200 corporate and government partners expressly looking to do business with certified LGBTBEs.  Plus, the NGLCC's 1,000+ LGBTBEs cut across all industries, from construction to apparel to technology to professional services, and are seeking B2B opportunities and strategic partnerships with other LGBTBEs like you!

As a member of the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber, your application fee is waived.  The Greater Houston LGBT Chamber is an affiliate chamber of the NGLCC.  As part of the Chamber's relationship with the NGLCC, your certification fee will be waived if you're a member of the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber.  Plus, you get all of the benefits of membership! Join TODAY!  Yet, another great benefit of being a member of the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber!

​What Can the LGBTBE® Certification Do For Your Business?

  • Take advantage of mentorship and education opportunities at both the national and local levels with business experts and corporate representatives to grow your business, make connections and develop additional skills for scaling your company.
  • Receive opportunity alerts from the NGLCC as well as the Chamber about upcoming contracting and educational opportunities with corporate partners.
  • Attend the NGLCC International Business & Leadership Conference to meet face-to-face with potential new business partners and take advantage of matchmaking opportunities exclusive to LGBTBE®.

LGBTBE® Roundtable Program

The Chamber supports our LGBTBE®certified members through the LGBTBE® Roundtable Program, which offers connections and opportunities to help certified LGBT Business Enterprise thrive.  The main goal of the LGBTBE® Roundtable Program is to foster the development, growth and sustainability of certified LGBTBEs who are members of the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber.

The LGBTBE® Roundtable Program is consistent with the Chamber's mission of supporting our members through business growth, education, and advocacy.  As an LGBT Business Enterprise and Chamber member, certified LGBTBE® businesses are automatically eligible to participate in the LGBTBE® Roundtable Program, comprised exclusively of certified, LGBT-owned companies.

Our goal is to help your business GROW!  Join the Chamber today!

We are proud of our Chamber corporate partners who are strong supporters of the LGBTBE® certification and demonstrate this through inclusive procurement practices including Bank of America, Chevron, Shell and United.  We partner with these companies to offer programming through the LGBTBE® Roundtable Program and to connect our members to business opportunities.

Certification Fee Waived

Join the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber and get your LGBTBE® certification fee is waived!

Ready to find out more?

Start your certification application today!