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LAMBDA Branding

Get Involved with LAMBDA NextGen!


LAMBDA NextGen is a thriving LGBTQ+ Young Professional’s network that welcomes members ages 21-40.

As the nation’s fourth largest city, Houston’s size can be a bit intimidating and a challenge to navigate. It can be hard to know which professional networking opportunities will be valuable for you. A great first step is joining LAMBDA NextGen - a group of LGBTQ+ professionals who meet regularly. LAMBDA NextGen membership can help you can stay 'in the know' through a fun mix of professional networking and social events where you may learn about local trends, volunteer opportunities, and even job openings that could move your career forward.

The Cost

$40 annually, with a one-time $5 administrative fee

The Benefits

  • Complimentary Happy Hours*  (*LAMBDA NextGen events only)
  • Access to professional development events and classes
  • Other programming and events throughout the year
  • Discounted event registration for general Chamber events
  • Leadership opportunities in Chamber through LAMBDA NextGen Committee
  • Various volunteer opportunities throughout the year with Chamber nonprofit members
  • Member to Member discounts
  • Exclusive savings through Chamber partners

The LAMBDA NextGen Membership is a great way for young LGBTQ+ professionals to show support of the LGBTQ+ and Allied businesses and to promote equality in the city and region. This level is ideal for non-business owners and young business professionals, who are interested in community, networking and meeting like-minded people. Plus, we have a great time at the Chamber!  Be part of it!



The Chamber is committed to helping LGBTQ+ young professionals in the greater Houston region thrive and succeed. The goals for the Lambda NextGen program include:

  • Supporting a thriving LGBTQ+ Young Professionals network in the greater Houston region
  • Providing a safe space for LGBTQ+ Young Professionals to connect with each other and the larger community
  • Connecting LGBTQ+ Young Professionals for social networking to foster networking and community
  • Offering programming and events to support LGBTQ+ Young Professionals and foster personal and professional growth and career opportunities through professional development events
  • Engaging LGBTQ+ Young Professionals to connect with the community and LGBTQ+ member nonprofits to make a positive impact through service and collaborative events

LAMBDA NextGen History

LAMBDA NextGen launched in 2013 as a social networking group in Houston to bring LGBTQ+ Young Professionals together to connect, mingle, and strengthen roots within the local community. The initial event grew from 35 people to over 300+ and events pre-pandemic.

At the time, the leadership of LAMBDA NextGen saw a gap for LGBTQ+ Young Professionals seeking ways to meet other LGBTQ+ Houstonians that promoted community and connection outside of the traditional means such as bars, sports groups and online. While these were regular convening spaces for the LGBTQ+ community as a whole, there were challenges to truly connect LGBTQ+ Young Professionals with community and each other.

LAMBDA NextGen realized that there was an opportunity to create a vibrant organization to connect LGBTQ+ Young Professionals across the city. The organization continued to grow until the COVID pandemic impacted activities.

In 2023, LAMBDA NextGen officially became a program of the Greater Houston LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce, opening up even more opportunities to continue building on the important work of the former organization to continue helping LGBTQ+ Young Professionals in the greater Houston region thrive and succeed. 

About the Symbol

In December 1974, the lambda was officially declared the international symbol for gay and lesbian rights by the International Gay Rights Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Since, it has become a sign within the LGBTQ+ community and included in various organization titles like LGBTQ+ fraternities, Lambda Legal, and LAMBDA NextGen.


LAMBDA NextGen Members may not promote any business and cannot advertise a business through any Chamber advertising platforms or events.  Any business or organization should apply under business level memberships. Note that the LAMBDA NextGen young professional membership level does not qualify for the LGBTBE® Certification fee waiver.